Saturday, 29 June 2019


Imagine a classroom where parents, students and teachers have strong working relationships and clear understandings of goals and procedures. Where students are motivated to write as they know their work will be read. 룰렛이벤트 And where genuine feedback is given to encourage students to achieve their goals.

A class blog with strong parent participation can bring this scenario to life.

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Connecting parents through blogging
One of the many benefits of having a class blog is the strengthening of home-school relationships.

Most educators would not be surprised that research identifies family involvement in schooling as the key predictor of a student’s success.

Family life has changed rapidly over recent times with many parents working full time and juggling various commitments. 릴 게임 A class blog is a convenient and effective way to encourage ongoing family involvement in schooling.

A class blog can be like a virtual window into the classroom.

As a teacher who maintained a class blog for many years, I certainly found families enjoyed being able to keep up with classroom events and student learning. Many parents would point out that their child was often reluctant to tell them what they were working on at school.

A class blog can provide conversation starters.

Parents who are up to date with their class blog can ask their child about what they’re studying while driving to soccer practice or sitting around the dinner table. These conversations can bridge the gap between home and school, and further extend students’ learning while strengthening relationships.

Developing an authentic audience
Unlike traditional forms of written work, blogs offer an authentic audience. Your most obvious audience for a class blog is parents and families. 릴 게임 무료 머니 We can’t waste the opportunity to get this ready-made authentic audience on board.

The impact of an authentic audience is summed up well by Clive Thompson who noted that,

…studies have found that particularly when it comes to analytic or critical thought, the effort of communicating to someone else forces you to think more precisely, make deeper connections, and learn more.

Alan November also has some strong advice for educators:

“Stop saying hand it in, start saying publish it.” This paradigm shift from an audience of one to an audience of the world will inspire more students to achieve up to their potential, 릴 게임 사이트 while instilling a life-long passion for genuine learning.

Parents and family members have the potential to be engaged, active and regular readers of your class blog. We need to bring this potential to life. Parents must be educated about blogging and encouraged to participate in different ways throughout the school year.

Parent participation cannot be left to chance.